I have been neglecting the baking blog…

But I definitely have not stopped baking.

I’m taking a gourmet baking class at UAF and it is SUPER fun.

A cake with Chocolate Italian Buttercream. This frosting is serious bliss dudes. I was blown away by how light and delicate, yet rich the flavor is.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Since we made these, I have made two more (and we just made them a week ago!) This picture is pretty awful.

Flourless Chocolate Cookies
These got sent to work with Bret, and apparently one of his coworkers announced that they are crack and he is addicted. They were pretty delicious!

Annnnd cream scones with raisins. And I made the cornbread back there as well. These scones were probably some of the best I’ve ever had..but the half and half in them would probably do that, heh!

So yeah. I’m still around, still knitting, still baking…Just kind of overcome with work, school and we just moved so that took up a lot of time too!!! One of these days I hope to have a real post with a recipe. But we’ll see….